Birthday gift ideas for the men in your life!

Choosing a birthday gift is always a little stressing. You want it to be thoughtful, considerate and simply perfect. Choosing a gift for a man you love, whether is it your dad, your brother or your partner can be sometimes a little challenging. Fear not! Here at Aurum Jewellery our jewellery items for men will […]

Best friend’s birthdays gifts ideas!

Best friends always support you, love you and never judge you. What best way to show your appreciation than to get them an amazing gift on their birthday? We at Aurum Jewellery have you covered. So don’t stress about your gift, just follow us to know more! Pearl necklace: A pearl necklace has its own […]

Pearls, timeless jewellery gemstones

Pearls have been around for a long time now. According to myths, they offer protection as well as attract good luck and wealth. Fast forward to modern times. At Aurum Jewellery, we make stunning pearl necklaces. They are very versatile so you can wear them casually or for formal events, at home or at work. […]

Birthday gifts tips

Birthstones make for excellent birthday gifts. Why, you may ask? We can think of many reasons. Firstly, the personalization options are endless, which will make your gift so much more special and secondly, the gemstones embedded in the jewellery items are delicate and elegant. Your loved ones will adore you when they see their gifts! […]

Top tips on how to select jewellery for the office

When in the work place, the main thing to remember while accessorizing is to maintain a formal look. Follow us to learn a few tricks to always look professional wherever you work! The principal guideline states that office jewellery should be kept to a minimal, be comfortable and low maintenance. Everyday Office: Keep your jewellery […]

Jewellery for all seasons!

Like clothes and fashion trends, every season also calls for different pieces of jewellery. While summers need colors, winters are all about diamonds. Follow us to understand how to accessorize throughout the four seasons! Spring: Ah, spring. It is the most exciting time of the year when we say goodbye to winter and hello to […]

Jewellery for every age group

Jewellery is an accessory that is loved by women of all ages. Remember when you were a little girl and used to sneak into your mother’s room, “borrow” her jewellery and pretend you were a princess? And then you grew up and started getting the jewellery of your own taste. Even your grandma loves her […]

Discover our Enamel collection!

Enamel is rising to become a big trend in the jewellery world. Visit our jewellery online store and lose yourself in our wide collection. You can find beautiful and colorful earrings that will suit your every mood. Why not use our personalized enamel necklaces as a thoughtful jewellery gift? Simply head to our jewellery online […]

Holiday gift ideas everyone will love!

The holidays are always a good time to shower your loved ones with gifts. And what better gifts than jewellery gifts? They’re so versatile that you can find something for anyone! A beautiful diamond necklace for your partner, stunning earrings for your mom, outstanding personalized cufflinks for your dad…   Do not forget to gift […]